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Meet the "little" Parents!

This is Paisley
Paisley is a 2 year old, purebred female Dalmatian, and this will be her first litter. Paisley is a petite Dalmatian with a small frame, and weighs about 35 pounds.  She is extremely loving and will be an awesome mom. Paisley has grown up on a farm with chickens, dogs, cattle, cats, kids, and a variety of human guests. She gets along well with everyone! She loves to cuddle, play with toys, and go on adventures.  

This is Bentley

Bentley "Kairos" is an AKC registered Mini Poodle. This is Bentley and Paisley's first litter together. Bentley's sweet and loving disposition combined with Pepper's smart and affectionate personality make for the sweetest pups anyone could ask for. 

What are MINI- Dalmadoodles?

These are F1 generation, meaning pure bred, small frame Dalmatian female mixed with pure bred Miniature Poodle male. They typically have the fur pattern of a Dalmatian with the coat similar to other poodle mixes, like golden doodles. This is great, because there is little to no shedding! As mini-dalmadoodles, the pups should grow to weigh approximately 20-40 pounds. 

Price Range

The price will depend on coat of the litter. $200 deposit will reserve your pick for a puppy. Deposits are nonrefundable and are also included in the total adoption fee.


We also have to option to set up a payment plan, in whatever time plan that fits your needs. However, the payment must be paid in full before picking up your pup. Contact us and we can discuss how and when you make payments. 

Click our contact tab to message us about making a deposit, payment plan,  more pictures of a specific puppy, or any other questions you may have. 

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